• How can I order a particular flash drive model?

    Each flash drive model has been assigned a unique number, e.g. FS-001. When asking a Flashstore consultant for a quote, just use this number and include the desired order quantity, capacity (e.g. 8 GB),
    and type of packaging (optional). You can view the available packaging on the "Accessories" tab.

    Since branding, by screen printing and engraving, is free of charge, this information is not relevant for pricing. It will, however, be crucial for creating a digital rendering of the flash drive of your choice branded with your logo or other type of message.

    Your order can be sent via e-mail, to the address: sales@flashstore.co.uk, or via fax at: fax: +48 52 347 88 82 extension 29. The Flashstore consultant will send you the order form.

  • What is your order deadline?

    Most orders are completed within 8 to 16 days, not including custom items made to order. If you are considering ordering a custom casing shape, the "Casings Made to Order" section contains the project implementation cycle for orders of this kind.

  • Does it cost extra to have my logo printed/engraved?

    All types of flash drive branding (screen printing, digital printing, engraving) are included in the price of your chosen style of promotional flash drive. On request, we can imprint one or both sides of the drive.

  • In what format should I supply the logo/image?

    In the case of screen printing, engraving or embossing, graphic files should be supplied
    in vector form: .ai .eps .pdf .cdr. Any text contained in the image should be converted
    to outlines. In the case of multicolour prints, you can choose between two options:

    • PANTONE palette (up to 4 colours),
    • CMYK palette - full-colour printing (digital printing).

    With full-colour images, you can supply them as raster files (.tiff, .jpg) with a resolution of 300dpi or higher.

  • How should I prepare and deliver the files to be loaded onto the USB drives?

    All data should be compressed into one zip file, so that unzipping will recreate the desired structure of files and folders.
    If the size of the zip file does not exceed 10 MB, it can be sent via e-mail.
    If your file is larger, please contact us for information about accessing our FTP server.

    For content within the 2 GB - 64 GB range, we suggest you deliver it on a data storage device,
    e.g. a DVD, BluRay disc or an USB drive. In this case, there is no need to compress the data into a zip file.

  • How long is the warranty period of Flashstore brand products?

    Flashstore brand products have a 12-month or a 24-month warranty, depending on the model. For every product shown in the "Products" tab there is a table with specifications, including the warranty period.

  • What is the minimum order?

    Flashstore processes orders from 50 items upwards. If you are renewing a previously ordered model, we can also process orders from 25 items upwards.

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