Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is one of the most advanced techniques used for marking all kinds of objects, where a precise, computer-controlled beam of light imprints the object with a pre-programmed image.
The laser supplies energy to the surface of the object in a way that converts light into heat. The surface is evaporated wherever the laser touches it, leaving a groove that forms the desired pattern.


We use YAG and CO2 lasers - the types best suited for engraving wordmarks with sharp
well-defined outlines.


The advantages of laser engraving


The advantages of laser engraving - USB flash drives


engraving is one of the most durable marking techniques.
An imprint produced by an engraving machine does not wipe off,
since it has been cut into the casing of the flash drive.


this technique enables the marking
of a large number of flash drives in a very short time,
thanks to the relatively easy setup process,
as well as the computer-controlled printing process itself.


laser engraving is a method used for marking
drives made of metal and wood.
The wide selection of mediums suitable
for this technique includes glass, leather, cardboard and plastic.
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