Data Preload

USB drives make not only intriguing gifts, but also powerful marketing tools. Your company logo can be displayed
on the body of the drive, while the inside can hold many more promotional materials, such as corporate presentations,
catalogues, brochures, or price lists. We use advanced USB duplicators, capable of loading your content
onto the flash drive at a fast rate.


Data Preload - usb flash drives


How do I deliver the data files?

E-mail attachment

The files should be compressed into a zip archive with the folder structure intact. The maximum size of the zip file is 30 MB.

Uploading data to server

The files should be uploaded by FTP as a zip archive with the folder structure intact. The maximum size of the zip
file is 2 GB.

On DVD, BD or HDD discs

It is best to use a storage device for delivering large amounts of data, arranged into the folder structure that is to be transferred onto the flash drive.


Data format

In order to retain the file and folder structure, it is best to package all your content together into one zip file. The file will be unzipped and transferred, with its subfolder structure intact, into the main catalogue on the flash drive. If the data is supplied on a storage device, such as a disc, memory stick etc., the whole content of the main catalogue will be transferred onto the flash drive verbatim.

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