USB Flash drives with printing and engraving

Our flash drive collections shown below are grouped by the material the case is made from (metal, aluminium, glass, wood, plastic), brand (Kingston, PQI, Silicon Power), and type of USB connector (USB OTG for mobile devices).

The Flashstore catalogue includes both premium-class (i.e. specialist, branded and patented) and economical flash drives.

Our clients can customise their products based on the following factors:

  • Delivery deadline: we usually process orders within 5 to 14 business days;
  • USB flash drive case: glass, metal, aluminium, plastic, wood and rubber-coated plastic;
  • Case colour: can be customised when ordering flash drives with a plastic or rubberised case, as well as with certain flash drives with a metal case (silver, gold, red and green colours available);
  • Imprinting technique: laser engraving or printing;
  • Interface type and speed: the Flashstore catalogue includes flash drives with USB 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces. In addition, we also offer a separate category of flash drives which are compatible with mobile devices (thanks to the use of USB - OTG type C connector);
  • Memory brand: we primarily offer chipsets from such brands as Toshiba, Intel, Samsung, Sandisk and Micron.

The majority of our clients have different preferences, and so we also offer USB sticks for mass distribution, including flash drives used as an added value with FMCG products or media solutions (software market, printed press, books), as well as flash drives suitable for professional applications. In addition, we advise our clients on which solutions are the most optimal in terms of costs and technical parameters, based on how the flash drives are to be used.

For example, a flash drive intended to distribute software for industrial production lines needs a high-durability data storage chipset and fast interface, whereas the imprinting on the case should feature increased resistance to abrasion.

Apart from the readily-available designs in the Flashstore catalogue, we also manufacture custom-shaped devices to order.

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