Metal USB flash drives with engraving or printing.

They are an ideal solution for laser engraving. As a result, we achieve rebrandable precision in the field of mapping the logo or other graphic element. We offer a wide selection of metal USB flash drives with engraving - different in size,
rotating mechanisms, types of plugs and casings.

Engraved metal flash drives are a unique combination of design and manufacturing quality. They are akin to a catalogue of different styles, ranging from modern designer forms to proven solutions that customers already know and love.

The "metal flash drives" category encompasses specially selected USB flash drives that are often used for professional and advertising purposes due to their technical parameters and excellent production quality.

Depending on the model, the flash drive housings can be made of brushed steel, aluminium or zinc alloy. For most surfaces, the imprint can be applied by laser engraving or digital printing
(FS-016, FS-027, FS-005 and FS-031 models). Each product has its own product card, where information is provided concerning all available imprinting methods (engraving or digital printing), interface types (USB 2.0, 3.0), connector types (e.g. USB OTG/type C along with a standard connector - FS-112 flash drive model) and detailed technical parameters, deadline and warranty.

The products also include special design elements that allow you to attach advertising materials to them, such as lanyards, pendants or other accessories.

If you are in the industrial sector and value modern forms and exceptional durability, we strongly recommend choosing the FS-090 “Tube” or FS-064 flash drive models. They come with sturdy plugs that protect the connector against damage. When a flash drive is to be used in a production plant, choosing such a solution significantly increases its service life.

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