Promotional USB flash drives - plastic.

We offer a wide range of plastic USB flash drives (different in size, mechanisms, caps or retractable USB connections).
They have an ideal surface for colour printing.

Plastic flash drives with custom imprints make excellent branding tools. They are the perfectly balanced choice between price and product quality.

Our plastic flash drives are primarily intended for advertising purposes. The surface of the plastic case is ideal for imprinting a company LOGO or other graphics using screen or digital printing methods. Selected flash drive types in this category can also be equipped with a fast USB 3.0 interface.

The FS-094 flash drive, with its unique shape and interesting design, is an excellent choice for advertising purposes. It is ideal as an advertising and functional gift in the medical industry (dentistry, x-ray laboratories) or FMCG. We also offer something specifically aimed at sports clubs, in the form of player-shaped flash drives for handball, football, hockey and boxing that are sure to excite the interest of any fan. And thanks to the large case of the FS-095, there is a relatively large surface area available for your imprint.

However, if you happen to represent the education sector or organise trips, concerts and other events, a USB bracelet designed to easily fit the wrist will certainly prove to be a great choice (FS-022).

The USB card (F-083) is practically a classic solution already. It is useful where the largest possible area is required for imprints, which can be applied using digital or screen printing.

Plastic flash drives with imprints are perfect advertising gifts for such industries as FMCG, medicine, tourism, real estate, education, automotive, events and entertainment.

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