USB flash drive with printing and engraving -
selected USB flash drives.

An exclusive collection of specially selected USB flash drives. The presented models are a combination of modern design
with the highest quality of workmanship
. The collection reflects current technological trends.

Top Collection is a category of USB flash drives are defined by uncompromising quality and sophisticated design.

The capacities of USB flash drives in this category are available from 8GB to 256GB with 2.0 and 3.0 interfaces.

Top Collection means products built using brand-name components from companies such as Toshiba, Intel and Samsung. Flashstore as one of the few brands offering Kingston USB flash drives with the possibility of personalisation - applying thelogo using laser engraving. For example, the NEON model, listed in our catalogue as FS-025, is the flagship model of the category. It combines modernity, usability and is available in Poland only in our offer.

If you organise conferences or you are a hotel manager, you will definitely be interested in the FS-101 model. Its high quality finishing, the possibility of branding it via engraving or printing, and a clip that allows it be attached to a shirt or jacket pocket make it very handy. However, the FS-090 model (commonly known as "Tuba") is a solution for users who value extraordinary durability combined with high aesthetics. It is often used as a USB flash drive with engraving for professional use. For example, inside a body made of stainless steel, we can mount a Toshiba chipset with a 2.0 or 3.0 interface. The USB plug is secured with a special steel nut, perfectly fitted with the main part of the USB flash drive.

Our "Top Collection" are solutions of only the highest quality. They are the result of the work of experts who, from among many models, chose those that are particularly recommended precisely because of the quality of workmanship, aesthetics and relatively large usage options (promotional USB flash drives with engraving, USB flash drives for professional use, for example in the medical or industrial sector).

Take a look at this unique collection.

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