PQI Power 6000CV (capacity 6000mAh)

PQI Power 6000CV is made of aluminum which makes it elegant and durable. The aluminum is covered with a special coating with a texture of leather that distinguishes it from many other cold to the touch of metal finishes. For its construction, the most modern lithium-polymer cells have been used to adapt from charging mobile devices. It loads quickly, and the output with a maximum intensity of 2.1 A allows you to charge both phones and tablets of all brands. The cell capacity of 6000mAh allows you to charge the iPhone 6 two and a half times.
The PQI 6000cv is safe to use and ensures the safety of the devices being loaded. It is equipped with 6 protections - against: shorting, overloading, too much discharging, overheating and before feeding too much voltage or current to the connected device.
It weighs only 160g, it is extremely thin and small. It easily fits in a pocket or a small, women's purse.

Technical specifications

InterfaceDC 5V 1,5A / 5V 2,1A
Capacity6000 mAh
Type of batteryLitowo-polimerowe (LiPo)
Dimensions13,5 x 51,3 x 120 mm
Weight161 g
Warranty12 months

Additional informations

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)50 pcs.
Time of productionto be confirmed
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